Great Tips to Overcome Shyness

Great Tips to Overcome Shyness

Shyness is a feeling of low self worth, and will lead to lost opportunities and social connections. More than 50% of adults identify themselves as shy when surveyed, and overcoming this takes time and persistence.

If you have identified yourself as being a shy person, you have already taken the first step towards overcoming this problem. Below are a few great tips to overcome shyness.

1. Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses
This is something that everyone should do, but especially so for shy people. Whilst some people are only shy when they are the focus of all attention, others may feel shy even when meeting new people. Learn to make use of your strengths, and avoid putting yourself in situations where you will feel exposed.

2. Smile, Smile and Smile
Keep smiling so that it becomes second nature to you. Practice smiling in front of the mirror, and at your neighbors, until you are comfortable with yourself. This will help to diffuse any potentially tricky situations when meeting new people if you are shy. Often a smile will work wonders in helping you and the other party to relax, and allows for the conversation to flow from there.

3. Confidence
It is an oxymoron to ask someone who is shy to have greater confidence. However, this is not that difficult to do! Keep in mind that you are not alone in feeling shy; more than 50% of the people in the room are probably just as shy, if not more than, as you are. Think confident and you will look confident. Remember that you may be shy and nervous underneath it all, but so is everyone else in the room, and that will help you to keep your act together.

4. Prepare
If you know that you are shy and that you tend to freeze up in a conversation, prepare for it. Go through a list of topics which you are familiar with, or are comfortable talking about. If it is a social function, come prepared to talk about anything ranging from politics to dogs. If it is a business function, make sure you know all about the different companies and their representatives, or find some common business topic. The key here is to be prepared, so that you will always have something to say or add in to the conversation to keep it flowing and avoid those nasty pauses that can be fatal for shy people.

Although it is possible to overcome being shy, it is difficult to completely eradicate it. After all, even the most confident people have moments where they feel shy. Focus on one aspect of your shy persona and work on overcoming it one step at a time.

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