Great Tips to Beat Panic Attacks

Great Tips to Beat Panic Attacks

There are many symptoms that lead up to a panic attack, and these can negatively impact your life. For the milder symptoms such as fear or a desire to flee, use the following tips to beat panic attacks. If you suffer from the more severe symptoms such as heart problems or chest pains, it is recommended that you seek professional advice or treatment.

1. Learn to breathe
This may seem elementary, but it is a very important and effective technique to beat panic attacks! Place your hands over your upper abdomen and push out as you inhale, and in as you exhale. Let the rest of your body relax, and you should feel you mind slowly relax as well. This will help to stave off panic attacks from occurring.

2. Use Stress Management or Relaxation CDs
There are many such audiotapes, or subliminal CDs, available online or in stores. This will help your subconscious mind to relax, and after achieving a level of deep relaxation, repeating to yourself affirmations of control and letting go. Subliminal CDs can also be exceptionally helpful in developing confidence in your ability to remain in control and not let fear of the panic attacks take over your life.

3. Regular exercise
It is recommended to exercise 3 times a week, as it will help you to work off stress from your job or life. Before commencing on an exercise program, check with your doctor to ensure that it does not over exert your cardiovascular system.

4. Eat regular meals.
Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar as these have negative effects especially for people who suffer from panic attacks. These foods cause hyperactivity, and increased heart rates and mood swings. It is also advisable to avoid fast foods and unhealthy snacks, as well as to consumer more organic foods.

5. Practice positive self-talk
Do not let your fear take over your life. Employ breathing and relaxation techniques, or use subliminal stress management CDs to keep your mind in the present and avoid negative thoughts.

Above are 5 great tips to beat panic attacks. However, you should always seek a therapist for professional support and treatment. Talking to your family and friends will also ensure that you have adequate support in dealing with this illness.

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